Tuesday, July 8, 2014



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This sudden update is HEAVILY inspired by Liliana Vess's inclusion in M15.

Also, this strip heralds the return of a much drastic "F*CK QUALITY" style (that I visited back in strip #10) in terms of the aesthetic that I'm aiming for for this strip. Perfecting the line art? NOPE. Trying to make the design and colors close to the original? THROW THAT OUT THE WINDOW! In fact, Liliana and Chandra's designs here are from memory! What you guys think of it? XD

(ps. This strip might get an improved treatment down the road. But it's realization will depend when Liliana Vess gets into the core set with the same art in maybe Magic 2025! XD)

Not gonna lie my morale into making the comic as a whole has been in all time low since my last update due to so many things: real life, work, Garruk being turned into a villainous 'walker, and the retcon stick looming closely ahead over the MtG continuity as a whole. Most ideas that I think of just ends up 50% and I can't close them (note: the other two people I started this project with has been "removed" from this project for about 2 years or so now).

*sighs* But a part of me still doesn't want to let go of Magic (even after being told by a close friend to just drop MTG altogether since I don't play it anyway)... maybe because there's some semblance of optimism inside of me that just doesn't want to cease. For Angels still being featured in Magic, MtG realizing that people who love men are playing the game or the continuously dishing of good art in the game... I don't know. Let's see how this goes.

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