Tuesday, September 12, 2006

About the Authors


Hailing from one of the worst places to be a Vorthos (Philippines) Moppi got exposed to Magic: The Gathering back in 1998. Urza's Saga introduced him to one of the characters that he would end up liking and would influence and fuel his adoration for Angels more than ever, Serra the Planeswalker. Mostly playing with his cousins and never competitively Moppi then drifted off the gameplay aspects and found himself liking the other stuff that made MtG like Art, Storyline and other Flavor related things more being a person who made art himself. It didn't help that his cousins soon drifted away from playing the game too giving him no nearby opponents to play with. The last expansion where he tried the gameplay aspect of MtG was Shards of Alara.

Nowadays Moppi continues on collecting card pieces that have Angels in them or cards that have relations to Serra the Planeswalker and her part in the continuity. He also collects some random Land card here and there that has good art. He still follows the Continuity and the novels but was handicapped by whoever decided within WoTC for the Fat Packs to lose the included novel. Due to this he owes his knowledge to the Spoiler mongers of the novels within places like MtGSalvation.


MORT... or Ashtok... these are two names he uses to waste his time all over the Internet. Both hint fantasy literature that he loves, especially Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, and Magic: the Gathering stories, mainly because of the grand scale of these universes.

Magic was the first card game he played, and its Storyline was one of the first fiction series he followed. He did so very closely (probably too closely) for years, and has a great sentiment for it (although, honestly, it's not a great literature). But after being cut off from the sources in Fat Packs, it probably won’t be possible anymore. And being allergic to spoilers doesn’t really help… Even so, Wizards can’t stop giving him reasons to facepalm every now and then, both because of the changes in the game and the Storyline.


Eid served as continuity moderator and character profile writer for Phyrexia.com. He is responsible for such travesties as the acronyms TBTSNBN (The Book That Shall Not Be Named) and TSTTBTSNBN (The Sequel To The Book That Shall Not Be Named), as well as the theory that every single character in the Magic: The Gathering universe is indeed Volrath.

Eid has recently graduated from a major university with a degree in Management Information Systems. He recently moved back from South Pacific, on the tiny island of Kwajalein in the Marshal Islands, where he worked for a government contractor as a software analysts.

He is currently employed as a systems analyst in Huntsville, Alabama where he wonders why in the blue hell he left the South Pacific.