Tuesday, December 24, 2013



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With the upcoming release of Duel Deck: Jace vs. Vraska on March 2014 there are going to be 3 Jace Beleren (the character) PW cards since October 2012's Return to Ravnica.

I know WOTC has sort of promoted Jace as their "mascot", their "Ryu" akin to Street Fighter's... but come on now. With his last appearance in Dragon's Maze's story you would think he would be given a break on appearing in the next blocks... until someone in Creative clarified that even if he's the living Guildpact he can still travel planes and shit. *le sigh* There goes that.

The only way I can remotely get behind another new appearance of him sooner would be if he's sexified and stuff :P ... for me WOTC should give other walkers more screen time.

The only take away I see from this is at least the backstory on how Jace ended up being the "versus" to Vraska is somehow better than the Sorin vs Tibalt one. :P

p.s. Seasons Greetings to you dear reader and an advanced Happy New year. :) Thank you for patiently waiting for updates on this project of mine. Bless you guys~!

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