Sunday, August 10, 2014



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I'm just not the biggest fan of Dick Fayden (see, I even intentionally blunder his name).

Back when the IDW comics was announced I thought it would sort of fill in the gap for stories of Planeswalkers that will not be featured in a current Magic block, but alas it did not go down like that. Maybe that result just had the biggest impact on me.

Maybe I'll warm up to Dick as a character one day..... maybe when he turns canonically homosexual or something.

So pretty much, not in the nearest future.

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Jamie said...


Now where is that elephant walker...I know he is around here somewhere...

As feedback, I like this art style more than that in the quick art, but if it helps more content come out with less trouble on your end, please go with the easier art! :) Have always enjoyed the comic, and more comics will always be preferable than less, for me.