Thursday, November 24, 2011

# 008

We don't have Thanksgiving around these parts, but this strip is going to be a more literal way of giving thanks (goodness, me doing a bad pun, forgive me) to all the people who are still there whenever a new strip goes up.

The past months have been a bit chaotic, I'm gonna spare you all the drama but most of it is about job-hunting. Actually, this strip was planned to be released on October but was hampered when I had to finish something before it. :P

So anyway, with this strip at least I broke the record of last year of... I think of only one strip made in the whole entire year? *GASP* I'm gunning for another one before the year ends hopefully but that's still a bit murky.

There's also the gift arts that I haven't finished... I can't promise anything solid but do expect the easier subjects (e.g. humans/humanoids) to be finished first. :P

So, Seasons Greetings to all of you who have Christmas~! :)


Anonymous said...

Can you explain the different parts? (though I guess a spoiler warning might be needed) I get the Karn leaving in the middle of the mending. I get the lorwyn/shadowmoore (and is that Ryu as a faerie?), I somewhat get the conflux one (what's with the grey Bolas clone?) and the last part I don't get, is the girl supposed to be Melira with some random guy?

Moppi said...


Yep, Ryu as a Faerie. Mai Shiranui is in there too (of Fatal Fury fame).

The Conflux one is of Nicol Bolas fighting the "Spirit Bolas" that Ajani did.

And the last part is actually of Chandra being "accompanied" by Gideon. :)

Anonymous said...

Pre-mending great Teferi, not post-mending lame Gideon...