Wednesday, July 13, 2011

# 007

And that's how it really happened ;) Welcome to perfection. >:->

This is actually quite an old idea, created around a year ago - just before the time when the Elspeth vs. Tezzeret was announced (in May/June of the last year). All we knew back then, was that Scars of Mirrodin will be the first set of a new block, and then the appearance of a new Duel deck only made it more likely that Elspeth will set her foot on Mirrodin for some reason.

Of course, my intention was to rip on Elspeth's failure to find an utopian home and present my take on what was supposed to be the role of the Mirari in the new story. But, is that just me, or the strip screams freaking retcons! now? Everything seems to, recently...

[Now, I know Karn would finally fix the Mirari (Right?), but I liked the idea too much. And who cares about canon these days, anyway? Right?]

As for Mirari again, what really happened to it? Where is it? Who has it? Or, who is it now? I'd bet Glissa, or some of the Praetors got it. That, or it was turned into another Phyrexian creature. It could be nice to see its interaction with Tezzeret if it still granted wishes, although not exactly along intentions of its owner >:)

I have no idea, and it's equally possible that it was destroyed or just didn't take any role in this story, but I still haven't read the Quest for Karn novel, so please, avoid any spoilers in the comments. I'm allergic to spoilers. And I think I'm getting that book soon.

As for the title, well, I just love this version of the song. Basically, because its harmonics show the singer's real perception of song's - otherwise hopeful - message.

And the world will live as one. ^^

Oh, and wasn't that our second anniversary last month? Boy, the time runs fast.
So, as promised before - after reading the Quest for Karn I'll appear on the forums again for some time, to comment the book, discuss in new threads, and finish some affairs (I'm preparing a little surprise too). But after that, I'm gonna have my first, real, looooong break from Magic. I'm simply not happy with it anymore. Maybe things will change for better after few years? You will still hear from me now and then, but mostly on Vorthosian Inquisition. Hell, maybe I'll try to finally draw something?

Yes, this is pretty much alive! It took me to be booted off my work to finally finish the strip that you're seeing right now. (Well, after a couple of days of accepting the fact that I am indeed out of work.)

Yeah, I've been reduced to working on this strip a few hours (or sometimes no hours) because of work and akin to a pre-Bradywalker person that ascended because of some distress I realized some random stuff along the way.

I mean, why the heck do I even try to polish this webcomic when the source material ain't even trying? :P I mean, they get paid for it and I am not... so why even bother trying on my end, no? However, at the end of the day the art side of this craft gets to me and I am reminded of the amazing work of guys like Jeremy Jarvis and the wonderful artists that he gets for this IP. I may not get inspired by MtG as a game (and sometimes a storyline/continuity) source anymore, but from the aesthetics I find a way to continue this... some nostalgia doesn't hurt too :P

Heck, I'm blabbering already. Anywho, I didn't forget the Art Gift thing that I mentioned from the strip 6 months ago (ACK!) and some of them I have already rough drafts off and stuff. I am on work on one of them already, so to those who think that they qualified for that, just wait for something on your mail and stuff. I think I misplaced my handy list of that but I already have the rough drafts on one file so I still know.

I am jobless for the next 3 months (hopefully just 3 months! XD) so yeah, I have more time on my hands. So let's see where this goes. :)


Anonymous said...

Less than 6 months for this one!

Nate River said...

Yeah, I always thought it went down like that... I mean... 3 Plainswalkers, gettin' assraped by Phyrexians... no way xD

Lookin' forward for the next one,

5ColorControl said...

Sorry to hear about your job :(
Happy to read a new comic :)