Tuesday, April 17, 2012

# 009

I was working my ass out on another strip, taking advantage of the free time that I got from being unemployed when Brady confirmed that the Novel line of Magic is now shelved and further explained the details and reasons why it ended up as so. Was quite devastated with that announcement that it drove me to tears and I immediately grabbed a chocolate bar to alleviate any sad feelings that may develop into more deeper matters.

At that point I felt as if all my time devoted on being a Vorthos was just a big joke and waste. In the end of the day the Vorthos side of Magic is always going to be the bitch of the Card Game side, I guess I was just too stubborn on accepting this fact. Adding more insult to the injury was the announcement days later that the Savor of the Flavor column over at Daily MTG was put into HIATUS. Talk about a heart-wrenching chain of events.

Instead of moping around and being depressed about it I decided to channel my sadness into a comic strip (pretty much shelving the one I'm already working on, which will still see the light of day btw). I was brainstorming of making a straightforward strip to show my disdain over the stuffs that is happening to the Vorthos side of things, something like Brady being stabbed by Vorthos or being tentacle raped by an Eldrazi. But after calming down a bit I thought that that approach would be a bit Uncreative, so I took a more classier road and went with a more metaphorical approach. I hope you understand the story behind this strip, I think it's pretty easy to get. (Thanks to MORT btw for the title of the strip, such clever ideas!)

I know the follow up to #008 has been quite long, however doing #009 made me learn a couple of things, specially with the proper mentality to be in while doing these strips. Hopefully you won't see a #010 release on 2013. XD

My goal for this year is to have at least 12 additional strips added to the archives by the end of 2012. A bit too ambitious? Let's see. :P

PS. I have not forgotten about the gift-arts. As of now I have already done work on 3 of them. I can't promise anything concrete, but one thing: Those who requested humans for their gift-arts might have them sooner than those that requested non-humans. :P

PS.2 Just made a Twitter account not so long ago, if you have Twitter you may FOLLOW Vorthosian Inquisition to get updates on your Twitter. :D

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Rottcodd said...

No more novels... That strip depresses me.