Sunday, January 16, 2011

# 006

One thing I like about doing these comics about the MtG Continuity is the fact that most of the time the official MtG Continuity develops so slow that a subject we choose can still be in some way relevant months after it came out, or so what I tell myself to ease the fact that I am not able to deliver as much strips as I want to. :/

Well, that announcement (the topic alluded to this strip, the Oil related to Phyrexia) months back gave me the biggest twitch on my head when Creative seemingly openly embraced retconning and even used the Western Comic model for it as a factor to reason their decision. Retconning is seen as an accepted way when applied in few doses but using the Western Comics for defense? Well, thanks for making me worry less seeing that the current Creative has enough trouble on making the current continuity less shaky. And don't get me started on that ticking time bomb called "Clockworking", I'm glad that majority of avid storyline followers and starters opposed it but I still have doubts planted on my head about that. We'll see about that in future Continuity developments.

Anyway, it's a New Year and still in my lists of resolutions is to at least deliver every month for Vorthosian Inquisition. And seeing that I miserably failed to upheld that one for 2010 and wanting to test my recently acquired resolve when it comes to drawing, I am planning to make up for the past months by doing some sort of a promo (is this the right term?): I'm going to draw a character that you want from Magic in the art style of the Vorthosian Inquisition comics and I'm going to send it to you in acceptable resolution~!

So leave a comment on this entry with:

(a) your name
(b) the character that you want me to draw. Do remember to give a link for reference, like maybe from Wizards' Gatherer and or a link to a picture. Remember that I'm only going to entertain ONE character. If the subject is from the Magic Cards, make sure he/she/it is a visible subject on the card, if not I am going to forfeit your entry. I'm not going to limit character requests with just Creatures, the subjects can be from any card type as long as I can decipher it from the art. You want me to do that random dude from this spell? Sure, as long as I can see him in the card. Be specific to point out who I'm going to draw.
(c) your e-mail, written in the comment area. This specially applies to those who notch a slot so that I can send you away the piece when done. Be careful on giving your e-mail so that your inbox won't get spammed to death.

As already mentioned, this is in part to make up for lost months, so FIRST SIX commenters who gives the above gets an art.

I'll try to be as fast as I can. > x <''' Let's go 2011~


Nate River said...

Congrats on the new webcomic !

And yes... continuity in WOTC lore, really sucks xD

C' Ya,

Anonymous said...

How about you actually write comics more than 2/year and stay relevant?
That is relevant to my interests.

jvdthwip said...

So this is a biyearly event?

Do you draw by painting the wheels of a bicycle black, riding along a giant sheet of paper, over and over, then snap an aerial photo of the finished product? Do you tape a pen to the hour hand of a clock and set it above the paper, moving it as you need lines drawn in different places? Do you color by dipping earthworms in paint and then set them on the canvas, picking them up as they are about to leave the lines?


Mau said...

(a) Japoniano (in MtG forums)
(b) Alternate reality black Ixidor, as seen in Null Profusion.
(c) mauvillegas (at) gmail (dot) com

Eder Garcia said...

a)Mi name, is simple, read above, in everyewere in the intenet i'm Kolbjorn (including MTGsalvation) or Kolbjornelenano.

b)thats a really hard one, I can´t decide betwen green Kamahal, Garruck or Nissa, but since i'm goin to play with a elves deck in a tournament in my town i'm picking Nisssa.

c) my electronic mail: gandalf_urza in Hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

good job - glad this is still alive

a) lightbulb (mtgsalvation)
b) Urza - the Shivan version (or the Serran version, if you prefer)
c) I´d rather see it posted here

Dav Flamerock said...


Can't wait to see more comics. I love these, but you barely ever update them.

a) Dav Flamerock's the name
b) Chainer's the subject
c) dav.flamerock at gmail.

Anonymous said...

(a) Sean Thomas
(b) Either Vorosh the Hunter (Planar Chaos Dragon BUG) or Kresh the Bloodbraided (Shards of Alara BRG)
(c) kresh dot the dot bloodbraided @ gmail dot com

Alex said...

I only count 5.... OK!

A) Taylor Connor
B) Arcades Sabboth
C) 5Colorcontrol(at)

Anonymous said...

A: Nicole Seraphita
B: Iona, Shield of Emeria
C. yukichan56[at]

Łukasz ^^ said...

You are alive ! :D Thank god !

A: Łukasz Krapiec
B:Arcanis the Omnipotent

Im so glad you made a comic about retcons :]
Have a nica day ;)
Ps. keep working ^^

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the comics, but I do have a minor gripe. Most webcomics have a navigation bar to go to the first, last or next comic in the series. You have a dropdown menu, but it hasn't been updated since your third comic.

Ellen said...

These are funny, I hope you do more. I wish I could draw even simple little cartoons on a computer.

1. This is Arcades Sabboth and...
2. I was going to ask for Arcades Sabboth and hoping you'd let me have permission to use it as an avatar (with crediting you). I'm too late, but somebody already requested him. May I have a copy of it too, please?
3. zoon 33 at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one bugged by the whole Xantcha's heart thing. The heartstone has been in Karn's head for a millennium, and several more millennia before that in the hands of Urza and Xantcha herself. And they expect us to believe the oil went undetected for all that time?!