Wednesday, June 30, 2010

# 005

Again, the Inquisition will "only die" when I myself declares as so.

I bet some of you guys have already given up on the comic, can't blame you with that. I got so pre-occupied by my former day job for the past few months and I only got the free-est of time when I got retrenched from it a month or so ago.

Anyway, enough of that apologizing. This strip was influenced by the recent "set-related" book Teeth of Akoum. In that said book, followers of the franchise get to know that Nissa Revane and Sorin Markov... apparently has PHOBIAS! I seem to remember that one of the reasons of The Mending was to make the Planeswalkers more relatable to players of the game. Is this one of those factors they're incorporating to make them as such? XD

And you thought that the fact that Sorin "sings" would take the LOLWUT award for that book.

Gawd, this is one of the reasons why I find making comics about the Continuity right now so fun. You don't really need to think hard anymore, it's just spoon fed to you.

So yeah, Happy 1st anniversary to Vorthosian Inquisition. (Talk about a crappy way to celebrate it, after months of inactivity. >_< )

Yeah, it’s kinda late edit, but since it’s our anniversary, I thought I’d say something too. Few more words about the origin of the part #005.

Some time ago, following fresh spoilers of the Zendikar block novel, we had a chance to see a new face of mortal Planeswalkers. And it was weird to see that. I mean, Nissa is an elf, yet she’s so afraid of snakes? But Sorin’s case is much much worse. He’s a freaking vampire! Sophisticated, hedonistic, educated, millennia old, experienced vampire neowalker! Yet, in the novel he was knocked out easily every few minutes, and was scared of heights! A VAMPIRE?! Really... That’s just wrong :/

We instantly agreed we need to use that in some strip, and seconds later Moppi come up with the script.

That would be all about the origin of the idea, but I think one more matter needs to be touched. Yes, that cloths hanger on the vampire’s back Moppi decided to include. Some of you may recognize it from the MTGSalvation forum. But let’s start from the beginning.

One of the Doug Beyer’s feature articles mentioned that Eldrazi enslaved the vampires of Zendikar and then changed them in some ways. One of those changes were pointy horns growing up from their shoulders, which seemed to be pretty cool concept. Up until the release of the Teeth of Akoum novel though, we had no idea what they were for – the description was vague enough to theorize. I thought about many things. Maybe that’s the way Eldrazi feed on vampires, maybe they were just modified that way to be more scary, or maybe it’s just a sign of ownership and control over their race, and so on. Having no idea, and some spare time, I photoshopped this image, as a sign of hope. “Whatever it is, at least it can’t be that stupid”, I thought. Apparently, I was wrong. The hooks were used by vampires to bind and drag stones and rocks, to build structures for Eldrazi. That was simply as underwhelming and anti-climatic to me as it only could be.

Yes! And now, Eldrazi, with this new vampire-hangers, you can fit twice as many vampires in your closet!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, you're back! I was just browsing through all my old bookmarks and I came here. And I found a update! I thought this comic was dead, but it's still here. I look forward to seeing more updates. Thank you for coming back.

Anonymous said...

hi, i found yourwebcomic (don't remember how) but i really like the drawing style.

since UG madness stopped, there's no good webcomic on magic, that's kind of sad :(

well, there's still 5 color control, but the updates are really slow, and drawings are horrible, it would be great if yours could fill the void.

to conclude, don't give up =)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is really great! I'm just a casual magic player, but i was just browsing around when I found this site. These comics are really good! Hope you keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Well, this comic is dead...