Thursday, April 25, 2013

# 012

Hey you guys!-- Yes, still alive here~! More than proud of this comic since I was able to do it in less than a week! ( Thinking about making the strip look polished seriously slows me down and stuff. ) So here's hoping it is not the last! Well, unless I run out of ideas and stuff... that's another bummer altogether.

By now the fail of a card of Emmara Tandris has began the path of beating the so called dead horse, might as well impart my contribution to this unfortunate incident once and for all.

But seriously, the attempt of many to sugar coat the FAIL that the card emmanates is beyond fun. There have been players who have went to the path of Chris Crocker shouting "Leave MaRo alone!" in retort. There are some who argue that the card of Emmara reminds them of the legends back in the Legends set ( I mean really, of all the times to bring that back to an established character and all? )

Nevertheless, I share the sentiment of the often ill-noticed Vorthos fanbase and all the players who care for Flavor on wishing that this would be the last Legend disconnect Magic:The Gathering will ever have. Well, at least Homelands and Kamigawa gains another member amongst their rank of the so-called Worst things that should not be done again.


Anonymous said...

I find it stupid that they printed this card (Emmara Tandris) and Armored Wolf-Rider after beating us over the head that elves are Green's small creature, and they only printed one of Green's big creature (Hydra) in the block that was R/G. They should just make Green's big creature "Beast" and be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Good lord that first panel is a mess. lieau is actually spelled lieu, and means in place of.

This means that your first panel reads "In place of the treason you have committed, we have chosen you to ..."

Which makes no sense. I wouldn't make a big deal of it, but this is the first time I've been to your site, and every one of the first few comics I looked at had similar glaring errors.

Anonymous said...

I really like your comic, even as spaced as your updates are. Seriously the gatecrash legends are some of the worst in MTG 20´s and for the look of Theros more of these are coming. Also a 5/7 elf? WTF is Emmara She-hulk now?

Ninjay said...

At least this explains why she did so well inlimited. Seven toughness was ridiculous for the format, and she carried me to victory.

Even so, the whole Voice ability switch was just short of a debacle. Not as bad as Homelands, mind you, but not good…