Thursday, November 1, 2012

# 011

Pfft, talk about missing your target release month. :P Yay Work + Bad Time Management + Stuff I won't go winding on because it will bore you~!.

Anywho, Yeva is like one of my most favorite off M13's legend-with-an-underling series (most of them are flawless anyway... don't let me go with Odric, that fella is SEXEH).

This cheesy idea came upon during one of those random down times, overthinking stuff here and there about card flavor and how abilities relate to the character and stuff... "How the heck can she summon creatures anyway? Her art doesn't say much..." hence the crack theory of her being some kind of a Pokemon trainer. :P (My latent fandom for Pokemon didn't help here...)

And if you're wondering who that character is with Yeva, that you guys is going to be a recurring character here in the comics: Darmon Krewal, he's going to fill in the shoes of a "fall walker" when needed. I remember MaRo going on about that Jace Beleren was the poster guy for Magic at the moment because he "represents" the player base quite well. Blue and Wearing Hoodies? WELL COME ON DOWN~!

Now, striving through the quicksand again for a last release for this year. Garruk bless meh~ See ya around~!

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