Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well, told you guys the wait would be LONG.

Wait a sec, you still there? *knocks*

Anyway my father is now mostly out of the house so i was able to finish this 3rd comic. I wasn't able to devote much of my time in this on his first month stay coz most of the time he's around. I apologize if it took so long, rest assured that we're still on this. :P

More on the comic, the idea for this installment was influenced by comments made by Eid and Wizards' Forum Veteran WereFrog about the pace of the character developments of the Neowalkers. And why Novel Limbo?, i remember chancing upon this Catholic Preacher on TV mentioning that if a person ends up in the Purgatory (or Limbo) prayers from his/her loved ones would help him/her elevate to Heaven and i can't help but associate that to the non-Lorwyn neowalkers that are now appearing every set. It seems that the only thing the newly gathered fans of the non-Lorwyn neowalkers can do about the chance of them appearing with their own novels is via praying that they'd end up having one.

You might also notice that the neowalkers potrayed here are suited with casual wear, i decided that since they're going to be put in the "real" world why not put them in "real" world clothes? (Other than the fact that their designs are sooo complicated). I think you can pretty much guess the decision for Chandra in this (CLICK HERE if you can't guess). Garruks' was inspired by a certain wrestler that goes by the name using three repeated letters. Lilianas' i came up via watching the anime Full Metal Alchemist. Nissas' casual wear was conceptualized after reading some newly released information about her.

Artwise i'm still on an experimenting stage and after these "Initial 3" releases the next release might have a different visual style.

Lastly i also created a FORUM for Vorthosian Inquisition which you can access on the NAVIGATION portion. If you have ideas that you would like to share and detailed comments about things about the comics you might want to post it there (although i read the comments area of every release post anyway), i'll be lurking around those parts and will be entertaining further discussions and questions if they occur. Hope you enjoyed this release and hopefully the next one won't be that long of a wait. :(


Anonymous said...

Awesome! The artwork looks great :) Made me smile to see them in casual clothing, very cool.

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You link to a broken site, the nascent comic.

The comic is great, keep em coming. I've been checking back regularly for months. :)

brody said...

Good stuff, nice art direction!

Harbinger_ said...

I agree with everyone here, the art direction is great with the casual wear and the comic itself is just awesome

Paolo said...

The art for this comic is gorgeous. Keep it up. Even though I'm not much of a story buff, I do enjoy this comic a lot. I wish y'all would update more frequently though. :)

Rotary said...

pretty good, keep it up!

Eric said...

Really great art. It's simple and pleasing as an aesthetic. Love the casual wear of the 'walkers too.

We do know that Nissa's getting an appearance in the Zendikar novel, even if it's not a PLANESWALKER novel.


Finem said...

Another sporadically updating M:tG comic you might be interested in. Hopefully you can derive inspiration from it.


Anonymous said...

Please don't stop making these! Good stuff! Post more often and get famous!

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop making these! Good stuff! Post more often and get famous!