Monday, July 20, 2009


Shared world is something really hard to keep track of. Different authors may have different views on planeswalkers, mana, summoning, rules of the Multiverse, and it is obvious they won't read ~60 Magic books, all comics and online sources before writting their own novel... I can understand that. But seriously, some major events are commonly known, and there should be an editor to find any inaccuracies concerning them. Either there was noone in control with established plan for the storyline and J. R. King couldn't be stopped from resurrecting his beloved villain in the Scourge novel, or they did allow Yawgmoth to come back. Who knows...

Frankly though, I was quite excited that Yawgmoth was back *gets smacked by majority of vorthos-kind*. Sure, they killed him at the end of the Apocalypse novel and bringing back dead characters is something what should be avoided in general, but it's Y@wgmoth! He was basicly Magic's personification of Death... besides, what (real) Christian wouldn't be happy if Jesus was coming back. :P So despite loosing a bet in the second panel, I was ok with it.

But it seems that the (next?) Creative Team came up with some different view on the matter, and rather than leave it as it was, or ignore it, they tried "their best" to change it again... eh. Usually, many retcons of one subject do not have much sense, if any. And obviously, people running this buissness didn't read all Magic sources either, so they couldn't predict all after-effects of their statements, so confusions upon confusions arose.

As stated before it's not easy to keep the track of all aspects of Magic's complicated Storyline, so the sad conclusion is that the number of mistakes and silly retcons will be probably rising exponentially with every next Dominarian set.

I hope I'm wrong...

(Oh wait, they practically nuked the whole plane again, so maybe I'm really wrong).

One more thing, the Time Spiral novel we're reading up there with Eid, is more like a symbol of the entire TS trilogy. Yes, it had that major retcons we're addressing to in the comic (that Teferi and Jhoira had never phased out with Shiv, and that Teferi saw Karona in the rift for a first time in his life), but Planar Chaos also tried to convince us, via Lord Windgrace's "certainty" that Yawgmoth is dead. Not to mention the Urborg card.

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I guess you can't send me a hatemail yet, because we didn't establish any e-mail address for the comic matters, but you can always leave a comment here. And yes, you guessed it right. Third comic will be 100% Moppi product.

GAAAAAAAAAAAH! *gets out of his work cave* We survived the First Hit!. Thanks for all the comments you have given this venture of ours and i totally apologize for the huge gap between the initial outing and this one. Still trying to put a finger on a style and stuff and hopefully settle into something that would make churning out pieces much more faster. (Which i guess failed on this second one lolz)

As MORT mentioned already above the next comic would be an idea by me and that would cap the "Introductory" batch of strips. So you got an idea of Eid on our first outing, second one is from MORT and the next would be from me. Hopefully my ideas fly :P English is my second language and all and i'm quite a shallow person. :X

BTW, I'm telling you in advance, as much as i digress on announcing it publicly but the next gap might be TOTALLY large.


My father is going home anytime on the following weeks and he is the type that doesn't tolerate prolonged ventures that doesn't generate any money whatsoever and looks down to anything that i get with meager salary than his (i.e. DOUCHE). And to think that making a comic was already hard for me and i cannot choose the option to move out of the house coz i still haven't found a day job, this happens. I somehow knew that Vorthosian Inquisition will face huge hurdles when i decided to officially release it a month or so before his arrival but i jumped on the schedule anyway.


So for now i'm striving on getting commissions over my Deviantart site in order to be busy (as to not be scolded over being on the internet doing nothing "productive") and to at least generate moolas while still being able to moonlight some work on the comic. You can read about this Commission thingamajig i'm doing [ HERE ], details and prices are on the Journal part.

Again, Thank You, for your PATIENCE and patronage. Do remember that Vorthosian Inquisition will only close when we ourselves states so in this part of each entry.


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jvdthwip said...

Personally, I would love to see Yawgmoth come back (or at least some massively powerful just-as-evil being).
I loved when new blocks came out and there was continuity in the plot.
Time Spiral / Coldsnap aside, we haven't had any continuity (let alone Dominaria) since Mirrodin.

I guess you could count Lorwyn->Shadowmoor, but I don't. (One large block imo).

I wish Magic could start a massive plotline again that (even if they don't have consecutive blocks dedicated to it) they could revisit and explore every so often. They haven't been doing that for a long time. :(

Alex said...

Ah, good to see your making more! I was getting worried I would have no competition coming up :p
Also, I talked about you in the news of comic #22.

Nacho Ramirez said...

Great comic...
Yawgmoth's return has always been a issue in Magic Storylines. Personally, They've thrown so many crap around Planeswalkers that I really don´t see him retuning any time soon.

Keep up with the good work !
C ya

Aric Parkinson said...

Heh, I just noticed that the plants in the back ground seem to be shriveling over time. Very nice little details for a comic.

But when are new ones going to come? I'm worried that this comic is going to shrivel up and die just when I was getting hopeful.