Monday, January 1, 2018



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Why hello~ And yes, I am somewhat back. Talk about a gap... let's say this is my Origins Retcon. ;P

You might’ve seen this same idea from artist Kaigetsudo and his collaboration with a Magic: The Gathering content creator (that I forgot who…). By the time that that appeared I have been with this piece for months. I actually responded to his Twitter about it, bemoaning my slowness. XD I feel like a dunce relaying that to him haha…

After three years of unforeseen personal and artistic struggles (I finally was able to let my perfectionist go a notch lower), health related issues (suffered ahypertensive emergency last 2015, been vigilant AND paranoid since then healthwise), technical problems (more below), MOBA addiction and existentialistquestions about why am I still a fan of Magic even though majority of the time it shits on the things I like or liked about it, I still wanted to do this. Maybe not for the same reasons when I started this the first time, but this time it’s more on not wanting to not let any possible Magic related ideas fade into my own… as sucky as they may, why not just share it no?

This sort of “comeback” was actually about to be done around the same time last year, the line art was about 70-80% underway, but the Universe for some reason decided to kick the rig that I’m using to oblivion, leaving me without PC access for 4-5 months (I can only do this comic with a PC/Laptop..).

“But nobody asked for this~” some random baiter might pop in the back.But dear sir, I didn’t ask for your opinion… so cool your fanny down. ;3

So anyway, this was posted on the supposed "new home" of the comic over at a few days before. I was thinking of doing double updates from here on, over here on the Blogspot page and over at Tumblr.

Anywho, see you next month or two~ (Yep, the sporadical nature of the updates still will not change. Just to be sure. XD But I’m gonna try my best triple time this time to stick with the monthly thing.)

Also, I have never been good in writing… If you have any strip ideas feel free to send them my way. The idea must be fully detailed (e.g. script, links to references of the character you’ll be using) and it would be nice if it could stand 3-4 months without being downplayed by any Magic: The Gathering lore developments. :D Also, you’ll be fully credited with the work and I won’t use it in anyway for profit if I end up doing it… :P


mercury01 said...

I'm giggling at Gideon's sad bulge.

Moppi said...


Well, I could've made it otherwise... but you know. ;P Self restraint.