Friday, July 26, 2013


Jeremy Jarvis' tenure in Magic's Art Direction is something that Vorthoses have lauded for quite a while now. (Heck, I love him so much for his art direction work if I had the right reproductive organs, I'd like to have his babies! /exaggeration) After he got the position at Magic the card arts sets have been oozing with quality (and they have finally realized that gay/women Magic enthusiasts actually exists within the Magic fan community. YAY)

But then again, to say that Magic's recent art direction are always 100% amazing and on point would be quite a delusion. One example for this is Chandra's progression to what she is now. When that M12 art popped out I was sort of surprised, but M14's art was made and I felt like head-desk-ing (funny, this is comic #14). Thankfully though there is such a thing as Planeswalker arts being cropped, hence you sort of forget how awkward the overall idea for the piece is.

Here's hoping something changes on Chandra's next new art or something. And what's with her being turned into some Victoria's Secret these days in promo art, what gives? Her footwear suddenly gets heels?! What sorcery!?....).

P.S. It's the comic's 3rd Year Anniversary. Talk about an uneventful celebration no? Hmmn, I'm having a feeling of wanting to change and jazz up the design of the comic's home.... when ideas for it trickles in I guess. :P

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